Elegant Bedroom Decorating

To decorate a bedroom with style and originality is not as simple as it seems, but do not worry because I’m going to show some pictures, which they’ll serve as inspiration to decorate your own bedroom. Besides the photos also leave you a list of tips for the decoration easier for you.

Good ideas to decorate your bathroom

Place a new quilt

To give a new look to your bedroom, just need to change your old quilt on the other, for that you choose a color that is striking yet elegant time. Markets offer thousands of possibilities in regards to bedding, you just have to choose the one you like.

Decorate with glass bottles

Instead we throw glass bottles, we should use them to decorate our bedroom. Try to use bottles that are a combined color with the rest of the decor. These bottles can use whole or transform them into beautiful decorative pieces. For instance; in the photo below we see three nice bottles of different colors, which have been placed on the cabinet.

How to decorate a small room


A handy tip to decorate the bedroom, is placed on the head of the bed a screen or fabric, fabric color should match the walls, furniture and bed linen. By doing this there is no need to paint the wall, and if you ever get bored of the fabric you placed, you can switch to another in minutes. For example observe the picture below.

Decorate with minimalist furniture

Your bedroom can also decorate with minimalist furniture, but always ensuring that on or around them do not go many objects as this will visually see very ornate. To make your bedroom not overwhelmed, place only the furniture that are indispensable.

relaxing bedrooms

Screen at the bedside

Lets in light

Natural light is essential in any room, bedrooms and more at an early age. To have more clarity in the bedroom, you should avoid covering the windows with thick curtains, and rather opt for a sheer curtains.

Blanket over the duvet

Another way to give elegance to the bedroom, is placing a blanket over the beautiful quilt. You can choose to have an embossed or fabric dies, but must extend above color quilt.

Good Interior Decoration Ideas

The color of the walls

This detail is essential to make a perfect decoration and so enjoy a good rest. The most suitable for the bedroom paint colors are soft, light and warm colors; in this group of colors are straw yellow, cream, beige, salmon or chickpeas. Green water are also very good, warm gray and turquoise. Avoid garish paint or vibrant tones, more sophisticated look.

Soil comfortable

Your bedroom should have a warm floor, this may be laminated or solid wood. On the floor you can place rugs of wool or puffy, that walking barefoot not feel cold.

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