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Event planning ideas for New Year Reception

Receiving the new year with friends and family is a fun and exciting experience: enjoy a delicious dinner, making lists of resolutions, the countdown all these details make this a day filled with joy and excitement. For your New Year’s celebration out of the everyday, nothing like creating a festive and glamorous. Check out these ideas for decorating New Year’s table and start 2013 off right.

sweets and even flavored lip gloss for the first kiss of the new year

Start by choosing the color palette. If you want glamor and sophistication, white and black or gold are excellent choices. From here you decide the rest of the decor. Do not forget the tablecloth, napkins, plates, bottom wall and other details.

One of the least expensive items you can buy to decorate are the balloons. Choose one or two elegant colors such as silver, gold or black. Be sure to inflate with helium the day of the party and you can have them in various ways with ribbons tied to the dishes on the table or you can let a lot of balloons filled the ceiling. You can also paste them on the wall to create funny compositions.

You can also paste them on the wall to create funny compositions

In a central table or wall located a clock, so that everyone at the party to see what time it is and how long before the new year.

You can take small party kits to your guests: placed in paper bags marked with the name of each person objects as lists to record New Year’s resolutions, noisemakers, hats paper, confetti, sweets and even flavored lip gloss for the first kiss of the new year.

Do not forget that the small details make the difference. A wooden stick with a cardboard star on top to identify the tops, custom coasters, a beautiful garland, flowers what is shared with love and joy is the only thing necessary for the new year with the best of attitudes.

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