Exercise at home with gymnastics occupying minimal space

In the market for equipment bargains abound for all kinds of gymnastics occupying minimal space and fit into any corner to exercise at home. Fortunately, new decorative trends also advocate the integration of some environments in others, the rooms multiple jobs and mixtures of styles and different objects. Thus, it is now possible anywhere in the home of a mini-gym without violating any rules of aesthetics or interior.
exercise at home
Where to install?
Whenever possible, install the gym in a separate room. Since space is short, it is possible to place it in another room spacious enough. The bedroom is suitable for this, mainly due to their intimate bathroom, where you can practice gymnastic exercise at home without disturbing others. It could also be installed in the room, but decorative integration is much more difficult and also it is a place too crowded at all hours.

The bedroom offers the advantage that only if used during the day and requires no furniture other than the bed, side tables and wardrobe. This allows the area assigned to a minimum sleep, devoting the rest to the mini-gym. Another possibility is to place it on the terrace.

Compact or dispersed?
Since in most cities barely used due to inclement weather, excessive noise and air pollution. A good option is glazing this space. Yes, and in summer the sun bothers and reduces performance, must guard the windows with curtains, blinds to insulate the heat.

When these spaces there are no possibility to install a gym, the solution may lie in distributing the elements that make up between different rooms. For example, you can put the bike in the bathroom, the weights in the bedroom, and the horizontal bar in the hallway. Furthermore, many of the gymnastic apparatus enjoy decorative properties. Such is the case of wooden trellises, to be hung on the walls, just take up space and are not without appeal.

Soil: a good base
There is a special importance in the characteristics required in the ground. Keep in mind that many exercises are done on it, if it’s too cold and hard, can be uncomfortable and even harmful. Must be coated with a material something soft, easy to clean and noise insulation for jumps and other movements.

There are many tiles to choose from. The most widely used is the platform, especially for the float system installed: between it and the original floor is sandwiched a felt blanket that insulates heat and cushions provide excellent results.

Should discard the carpet; gets dirty with sweat, dust accumulates and is too harsh for certain exercises. If the budget is not enough to change the coating, the solution provide conventional gym mats. They should measure about two meters long by one wide and three inches thick. It should be removable and is laminated.

Lighting and ventilation
The walls do not have to get a special finish. But I want that one of them is partially covered by a full-length mirror. Other aspects are caring and ambient lighting. The first point is solved by a general light on the ceiling, he does not believe, nor shadows produce heat.

In the room where is the gym has to be a fresh air intake. If no window, we must consider how you, opening doors and windows of other rooms get the necessary air without producing currents. The radiators or elements of heating are controlled so as to heat at a temperature not exceeding 14 degrees.

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