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Feng Shui colors for a better start of New Year 2013

If you could see the colors that best wishes attract, others can be considered contradictory to the energy of your home and it would also be good to know. No colors are “bad” because nothing is absolutely good or bad but you should take into account their peculiarities when using them. For this, the Feng Shui is a good reference.

The green color represents peace, hope and freshness

The color red is considered exceptionally good omen. It brings happiness, heat or fire, power and fame; power, vitality and warmth. The messages of the Chinese New Year are delivered in red envelopes for economical good luck. You can light candles or use this color red in your decor.

The Purple Color, a kind of deep red, is also considered very auspicious color. Attracts and inspires respect and who are able to reunite characterizes itself nobility of character and power, extremely difficult. Denotes manor home together with the willingness to accept and share.

The yellow color gives to the Feng-Shui the sense of tolerance, patience and wisdom gained from past experiences. Inspire strength, increases energy, joy, and also visually enlarges the space. It would be a good color for decorating youth rooms, for example. And why not to put bright touches in the room, for example by placing yellow cushions on the couch.

The orange color is especially interesting in Feng Shui for the home

The green color represents peace, hope and freshness. As a wood element color, green also symbolizes growth. In a room inspired balance, inner peace, security and hope. You can add it by candles or live plants in any room.

The color blue and indigo (indigo tones) have a dual meaning, first is the color of the sky, but also considered the color of mourning and bad omens. The famous Chinese architects and decorators never use them. The turquoise and blue-greens are not included in this duality and are considered auspicious.

The black color for Feng Shui has a positive side because it gives a sense of depth and reflection both in the atmosphere and mood as in the perspective (think oriental prints in black and white), but this color also has a meaning of hopelessness, which used in excess can cause discouragement.

The orange color is especially interesting in Feng Shui for the home. It is a good color for those unmarried or living alone, but color is very destructive to the couples married or live. It is the representative color of attraction and love, but also of flirting and relationships infidels.

Now that you know the characteristics of these colors, use them to start 2013 in the most appropriate manner.

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