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Foldable Eco-friendly Bath Tub

Recently we told you about a curious padded bath tub for the first baby, and today we bring in a green folding bath ideal for transport and storage without taking up too much space.

Foldable Eco-friendly Bath Tub

Boon, a design driven company for babies that we have spoken at times, brings this bathtub made ​​from 100% organic materials (free of PVC or bisphenol-A), non-polluting and safe for children.

The tub, which serves for babies from birth to two years, you can tilt and expand as your needs and after use, you can empty and hang to dry. It fits easily inside the big tub. As you fold, you can save up little space.

The foldable bath and ecological Boon comes in several colors combined with black (green, orange, purple, blue and red) and will be available from winter 2012.

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