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Funky Furniture Design

Design furniture is funky, funny, surprising. If you like creative decorating you are a little bit bored with traditional furniture, do not miss this furniture. is always with you.

Funky Furniture design

Furniture seem straight out of a scene from Alice in Wonderland of Tim Burton, fun and different. In photo number 2 two armchairs in a strawberry and the other in white. Design chair “morning dew”.

Funky Furniture design

There is also a sofa with two pieces. The colors of pearl gray, coffee, soft turquoise, pink, beige, red. The photo number 3 seems several chairs in different colors, forming a bouquet of tulips. This flower has inspired its design, Kati Meyer Bruhl.


Funky Furniture design

The chair has armrests and is made of very soft cloth.

Armchairs wood legs finished in white. The back is spectacular. The red chair looks kind of throne as the Queen of Alice in Wonderland. Nowadays designing companies are breaking traditional designs and points to the funk.


Funky Furniture design

Sofas the Couple blank, an original design by Kati Meyer Brühl. The back of the couch is like waves that create a sophisticated yet elegant effect.

The sofa is modern in design yet it is so beautiful that even in a classically decorated room is well. Got it in different colors like bright blue, or brown pudding.

Sofa and chair “morning dew” ideal for a fun room, a children’s bedroom or living room. They are young, comfortable and above all original.

Funky Furniture design


Armchairs and footstools comfortable and fun retro style. They are made ​​of leather in red, black and white. A light fixture 70’s retro style with the set of chairs.

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