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Gas hobs, for Luxurious Homes

Gas hobs, information. Are you thinking of reforming the kitchen? The gas hobs are an option for cooking in a practical, saving electricity.

The glass ceramic stoves concern with a glass top on the heat source are deposited on the recent cooking. The best known are the  glass-ceramic electric and induction, but there are also gas hobs.

Gas hobs

Glass ceramics types

Electric hobs

Its operation is based on resistance. It works well and are easy to clean but its power consumption is high.


Gas hobs

Induction hobs

An evolution of the above, in this case the heat is transmitted through a magnetic field . The heat wave warmed through. Are not fit all the recent need to be suitable for induction hob (having steel in his composition.) The advantage is that they do not burn, because only transmit heat to metal parts (even if you put your hand after the glass is cooking something hot).


These panels consume less power than the first because it warms the bottom of the container and not the entire board is saving electricity. Induction hobs are more expensive than glass ceramic that run on electricity alone.


Gas hobs

The gas hobs

The revolution in glass ceramic works are the gas , (natural, butane or propane). At first glance very similar to those without electric hobs . With a modern design. Among the best known brands are Vitrokitchen, Smeg, Gamor .

Gas hobs

They have a removable vent can wash in your dishwasher.

5 cooking zones. (Double burners, burners sequential auxiliary burners)

A control panel easy to use.

Acoustic and luminous power or gas failure

If it fails you will not be light without being able to use the hob . It has a power supply that allows you to use more than 24 hours.

Advantages gas hobs

  1. Energy saving
  2. Cleaner energy
  3. As the glass-ceramic conventional easy to clean.

Technology and comfort. They are fast and maintain enough residual heat, which saves even more energy.

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