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Glass or wooden handrails on stairs

Glass handrails on stairs
Of course, to get to a higher level of the house, one needs to use the stairs. The stairs come in different lovely designs. It can be a simple modern staircase with floating tendencies or a classic wooden staircase with intricate carvings on the balustrades of the railings. Or it can also be a small staircase for a house with limited area or maybe a spiral staircase. The stairs come in several designs and today we are going to focus on the glass railings on stairs.

Trends in glass railings

With the modern and contemporary trends of home design these days, you can commonly see homes with stairs that have glass banisters . It can be combined with wood or stainless steel or sometimes left without a frame, which is also a good idea. The good thing about glass is that it can be used in various shapes and styles , from straight to curved. Therefore, a special curvature has been created for the stairs with glass rails.

The glass railings may seem fragile, but when installed correctly, they can be a robust and beautiful material for the home. You can also combine mixing wood and glass to give a pretty decorative touch to our staircase. There are designs in which we can see how the railing is decorated with wooden elements that hold the glass of the railing.

When it comes to maintaining the glass rails, we can easily clean it with a rag or cleaning products, so we will not have a problem if we want to keep it clean and maintained.

If you are tired of seeing the same staircase in your home, go for a try on the glass railings to give your staircase a more personal design. And in this way, you can see that your house becomes a unique place. You just have to approach a glassware and check the multiple models you have at your disposal.

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