Guide for your clothes to maintain a splendid white

In the store, all the clothes look radiant. And especially the white one. However, over time, the garments are losing that untainted and resplendent aspect that made us fall in love when we bought it. To preserve the purity of the whites for as long as possible and avoid yellowing or becoming gray and lifeless, we present this guide so that your clothes maintain a splendid white. Write down and, above all, apply it in your daily life!

Wash the garment after each use

Although there is no visible stain, there are many external agents that affect clothing. The sweat, the particles of the deodorant, the perfume … All of them dirty the tissues in areas of more difficult access and cause them to yellow. For this reason, it is advisable to wash the white linen after each use or for a maximum of two to ensure that no dirt accumulates.

it is advisable to wash the white linen after each use or for a maximum of two to ensure that no dirt accumulates

Treat the spots as soon as possible

It is a council closely related to the previous one. The longer the stain remains on the tissue, the more it becomes embedded, hindering its elimination. We must be fast! If a playful drop of tomato, makeup or oil rushes over your favorite shirt, treat it immediately and put it in the washing machine powder detergent.

Separate clothes by color and type of fabric

It is a basic washing standard. Separating the white garments from the rest, we ensure that no color transfer occurs and allows us to use specific programs for white garments that guarantee a better result. For this, it is also advisable to separate them according to the type of fabric. For example, while cotton allows higher temperatures, linen or wool requires washing with cold and warm water.

It uses hot water programs and double rinse cycle

The higher the temperature, the greater the power of anti-grains. Now, you must first make sure of the maximum temperature that the garment allows by consulting the label. Similarly, the final rinse is very important to remove any remaining detergent and prevent the dirty wash water from penetrating and remaining in the tissues.

Avoid the dryer

The high temperatures that the clothes undergo in the dryer cause the fabrics to wear out more quickly. Dry it directly to the sun, the natural bleach par excellence (this is only advisable for linen).

Additional whiteners

If your clothes have already lost their original white, you can try other methods such as the use of homemade whiteners. The most common are vinegar (pouring it in the washing machine) or lemon (soaking with clothes for an hour). We can also use bicarbonate, applying it in a paste on the stain, or even peroxide, which we should mix in hot water and let it act on the stains, especially those darker and difficult to remove.

What did you think of our guide so that your clothes maintain a splendid white? Do you have any other trick to leave your white clothes as new?

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