Handmade wooden vases

Vases, pottery, wood carvings? There are also some wooden vases in these pieces of oak that studying art and design Lebored, based in Austin (Texas), made completely handmade, with decorations in silkscreen or inlaid stained.

Handmade wooden vases

The height is variable, depending on the piece, but is usually around 47 cm. The interior is lined with a layer of transparent epoxy waterproofing wood to use water.

The creators of wooden vases, Alex and Jennifer Eshelman Shilin, emphasize that it is unique pieces, handmade and inspired fantasy, rarity and ingenuity of the world around us. Each month we choose a theme, process it, seeking the material, style and create a new collection of limited pieces.

Handmade wooden vases

For this same reason, probably when you enter their website, many of these pieces are already sold. To be unique, have a great price: between 120 and $ 350 depending on the difficulty. Working on request and take about a week to make the vase, plus shipping. We have really enjoyed these parts that move between the design and the decorative arts.

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