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Home Automation and Home Security

Security in the homes is something that concerns us all, because it makes our comfort in daily life, as well as the decor and ambience of the interiors. That is why this time we will review some of the proposals that brings the automation in its application to the safety of contemporary housing.

The technology has an interesting application in the security systems of the houses, with different options, which are also different in terms of benefits and costs of implementation and maintenance.

There is a market increasingly wide range of products that make improving the security of a home, among them are elements that make it possible to control what happens in each house but without our presence, we talked about mechanism which are often called “remote”.

The security alarms are one of the most popular items that can be found in a house

The security alarms are one of the most popular items that can be found in a house, and in turn find a classification including: intrusion alarms, video surveillance, personal, including SOS and assistance, and techniques of fire, water, gas, smoke, power failure, etc..

As for the administration and control of a security system there are options, one is to connect to a central monitoring station, and the other alternative is the use by the user.

The functions of these systems are increasingly expanding, and something very important in terms of practicality and functionality is the application of home automation, which allows control of access to housing, climate, lighting, as well as video monitoring.

In what is called a digital home, centralized security systems are a must, allowing quick and easy control of various elements. Through these systems with digital controls and remote, you can keep the user informed of different events, including the arrival of home visits, the absence of activity, and also notices of these events can be made of different ways, such as text or spoken messages to landlines or mobile email.

A home can be monitored in real time by a security system using a television or a computer remotely via the Internet, for distance what happens inside or outside the home, thanks to previously installed cameras.

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