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Planning Your Home Garden with this Year’s Latest Summer Trends

With any pleasant change in weather, most people prefer spending time outside to catch some fresh air. It is when they think about making their gardens prettier and spacious, so the whole family can get the most of it. The home garden is a place where you can relax, exercise, play and spend some family time together. Therefore, the garden must have different areas for varying activities, so that everyone loves it equally.

Planning Your home Garden with Latest Summer Trends

If you have decided to give attention to your home garden, take advice of garden experts provided below.

Garden Layout

Coming up with a decent layout is important to create a garden with multiple uses, so that the entire family can have fun. The most popular garden layout is made using raised flower beds, as they basically structure the garden. Hedge rows are great too. These will help in separating areas for different activities, and you can also change the settings anytime according to your needs.

Natural elements are also a great idea when it comes to giving structure to your garden. You can incorporate rocks and bushes and even boulders. The best part is these will look natural.

Bright and Bold Colours

Neutral and dull colours are great, but your garden demands bright and bold shades. Go with colourful flowers like Gloriosa Daisy and Peonies. The beautiful Gloriosa Daisy grows 3.5 ft high and is a treat to the eyes with brown in the centre and bright yellow and orange tinged petals. Not only these flowers are pretty, but they also invite butterflies to your garden.

During early summer and halfway into spring, flowering Peonies is a great idea. These are found in varying colours such as dull white to charming shades of pink and purple. They are low maintenance and live for a very long time. Once carefully planted, Peonies grow and blossom for many years without any hassle.

Decorating the Garden

Who doesn’t love a colourful garden? However, there should be more than just flowers to add the element of radiant colours. According to the latest trends, incorporating colourful furniture and plant pots is a great way to decorate your garden. This will create a picturesque environment that everyone will simply love.
Decorating garden sheds with paint creates a centre point around which the rest of the garden is structured. While using bright and sharp colours helps the garden furniture stand out, dark coloured fences make the area look more spacious. This contrast gives garden a touch of vibrant colours

Garden Lighting

The placement of lamps and lights in your garden is important. The experts recommend LED lighting, because they are not only efficient, directional and long lasting, but also need less maintenance. Unlike traditional lightening, LED lights are found in varied configurations. How and where you wish to place them in your garden is entirely up to you.

Café lighting and extendable lights are trending in 2017. They create Mediterranean vibes that you will definitely enjoy. Solar lights are also a great idea for your garden, if you wish to save some energy. Generally, LED lights are preferred because they consume less energy and are available in different colours and designs to add ambience to the garden.

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