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Home remedies to combat the Ants

Getting rid of ants is an arduous task, so you first have to understand, to know how they live and thrive. The ants live in colonies and are responsible for working out to get food to feed the rest of the colony.

Home remedies to combat the ants

There are several ways to combat the ants so they do not ruin our plants or invade our kitchen, we see some of them.

Spray for ants that are in search of food

This spray allows the ants away from both home and certain areas of the plant. The ease with which is processed and then placed in question makes a simple choice, economic and effective against these pesky insects.

Mix vinegar, water, cider vinegar, one teaspoon of essential oil, peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree oil and witch hazel extract and a tablespoon of detergent and put this spray on the trails to prevent the ants are the trail left by their partners where the food signaling.

Recipes with sugar ant baits

Bait recipes can eliminate the ants in a more effective and direct. Putting poison with food eradicate who like quickly and in large quantities.


Option 1

Mix two tablespoons of boric acid (borax) with jam or jelly to make a paste. Spread on a piece of paper, a plate and place in a strategic point.


Option 2

Mix two cups of sugar with a cup of water and two tablespoons of boric acid (borax) and placed in small dishes at home.


Option 3

Mix one cup of powdered sugar and two tablespoons of boric acid and leave in covered containers with holes.


Option 4

Mix two tablespoons of molasses, one tablespoon of yeast and a spoonful of sugar and place on paper plates or in covered containers with holes.


Recipe of ant baits with protein

Proteins, like sugar, are the ants seeking food. Identifying if you want and need are proteins or sugar can hit the target and apply the most appropriate method to eradicate them.


Mix two tablespoons of boric acid with peanut or bacon fat and place on pieces of paper or bowls in places that so.

Note that the boric acid may be harmful if swallowed, so if your household has children or pets put the fat in plastic containers covered with some holes.

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