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Home Wedding – Try a wedding with chocolate!

To advertise your wedding with chocolate, you must set the tone with your invitations. You can create an announcement in the form of chocolate or take the brown paper. To be more traditional, opt for a standard paper that you will be surrounded by a knot or a brown raffia. Feel free to take a fabric such as linen that blend well with the chocolate color to represent a chocolate bar or a dessert like a nun. You can also make a mini chocolate bar with the Fimo clay.

Home Wedding Try a wedding with chocolate!

For a menu with chocolate, dessert will be more appropriate with a dessert buffet as fruit kabobs to dip in melted chocolate, brownies, the chocolate mousse, lightning or nuns. For lunch, you can opt with orange marmalade and chocolate chips, duck breast with cherries with a chocolate sauce. However, one must avoid too much chocolate menu. You can highlight your décor with the ambience of chocolate and choose a menu that is not entirely out of chocolate.

For decoration, you can opt for a warm chocolate or choose any other colors to break the chocolate color. Lime green, pale pink or ivory colors that blend well with chocolate. We need the chocolate is the dominant color, but feel free to add a few touches from the proposed colors for example tablecloths, table runners or napkins. You can use raffia as a napkin ring or elastic trimmed Mini-tablets of chocolate. For the table, you can have some cocoa beans, guiding guests with brand names of chocolate, chocolate names.

You can also decorate the walls with old posters advertising the chocolate, creating a pyramid of Ferrero Rocher… Remember your table centerpieces that will be decorated with bouquets of chocolate you can order from specialists. To entertain your guests, you can create some fun activities like organizing a chocolate fountain with fruit kebabs for dessert, organize quiz on chocolate or offer gifts to the guests on the theme of chocolate truffles, chocolates wrapped in paper with your initials.

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