Christmas Decoration

Christmas decorations: Homemade Christmas ornaments ideas

Approaching the end of the year, begins to breathe the Christmas atmosphere and thus also multiply the celebratory mood and provide a host family and friends in a home decorated for the occasion. Without spending much money, you can make some homemade Christmas ornaments, using a lot of objects you have at home. Here are some homemade Christmas ornaments ideas provided by DreamyApartment which are uncommon and trendy for this year.

Homemade Christmas ornaments Christmas Centerpiece

Christmas Centerpiece

Since Christmas Eve is a special occasion, nothing better than creating your own Christmas centerpieces. If you have a medium bowl and transparent, it can be placed inside a Christmas candle and surround it with pine cones, spheres and holiday wreaths. In addition, you can add some dry twigs to complete the decor. While it is often used only to decorate, you should use caution if you leave lit candles.

Christmas Wreaths

Homemade Christmas ornaments Christmas Wreaths
Crowns are a must on the Christmas decorations. While many prefer to buy, you can make your own Christmas wreaths, which you can use as decorations for doors or to decorate the interior of the house. To make your wreath, you’ll need a circular frame, wire or cable (easier to handle), to which you must add the different leaves, branches and pine cones that you find in a tour of the park. Eucalyptus leaves and small pine branches are ideal for home this Christmas ornament.

Ornaments with Christmas balls

Homemade Christmas ornaments Ornaments with Christmas balls
If just plain baubles, you can give a touch of originality with intricate designs very easily. Simply draw the shapes you want (stars, hearts, etc.) On Christmas spheres using glue and sprinkle with glitter colors. After the glue dries, you can remove the loose glitter and have new areas to build the Christmas tree or to use in other Christmas decorations.

Decorative Vases

Homemade Christmas ornaments Decorative Vases
What to do with Christmas spheres no longer be hung? Very simple, you can reuse them to decorate various corners of the house. The best way is to use a glass vase in which you place them. So you can use it as much as Christmas table centerpiece, place it in the living room and even use as Christmas decorations for bathrooms.

Christmas Star

Homemade Christmas ornaments Christmas Star
If it is to continue recycling, well you can do a tour of the closet and take some clothes hangers. Only three of them, you can make a Christmas star to decorate the walls of the house. Place them so that it is formed a pentagram and attach them with tape so they do not move. Later, you can reuse some Christmas wreaths to line the star and add some light guides adapted to its shape. It’s a simple ornament for will not have to buy any materials.

Well, these are some homemade Christmas ornaments very easy to make. Just take the time you need to collect the materials to be reused and put to work. Do you have any idea to share with us?

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