Housecleaning Schedule and tips

The housecleaning may become the subject of discussion in a family, first, because most of the time this task often falls on women alone (which often also must work, study and attend to other activities) and sometimes can not solve on its own responsibility. Second, because other family members are reluctant to assist the various tasks of the house to keep it clean and tidy.

Household cleaning involves temporary tasks you can do once a week, every two weeks or a month

Another aspect to consider is that you can also make it difficult to know how or where to start, so a house cleaning schedule will be very useful for the whole family, as you can delegate some activities and all know what their daily tasks.

Organizing household cleaning

To start household cleaning you might check your lifestyle and see what you do daily activities and what you can do once a week or month, for that you can divide your schedule into daily cleaning and cleaning time.

Grooming Room

One of the tasks that must be done daily room is clean, this implies a surface cleaning, i.e., make the bed and pick up any clothing that may be misplaced. In the children’s room is the fact of putting toys.


While not one of the more pleasant tasks, ideal laundry daily, or at least every other day. This allows you to wash a load of laundry only (instead of accumulating repeated washing for one day) and leave you more time to do other tasks.

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Washing dishes

This is another daily cleaning tasks that cannot be ignored and have to wash them all at the end of the day. Ideally, each person in your family washes their dishes and will help in the cleanup.

Cleaning time

The cleaning involves temporary tasks you can do once a week, every two weeks or a month.


For the floors there are tasks for every day of the month, it is best bars it daily to avoid the accumulation of dust. Then once a week you can make a little more deep cleaning, which includes vacuuming all carpets and furniture need.

Deep cleaning of bathroom and kitchen

These areas need a thorough cleaning at least once a week, the idea is to disinfect all surfaces to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria retention.

Washing windows

This is a task that can be done once a week or every two weeks (it depends on the type of windows), in some cases you only need to spend a duster to remove excess powder.

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Clean refrigerator and oven

Once a month (the same day as the kitchen clean) you do a general cleaning of the refrigerator and the oven, this will help to keep out the grease and stains from these artifacts.

Well, I hope these ideas to organize household cleaning will be useful, but I bet that among other things, be able to clean in less time. What other activities would add to your cleaning schedule?

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