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How Can Wood Flooring Improve The Look Of Your Home?

Fitting a home with wood flooring is not just an investment that people make out of necessity – it can completely transform the appearance of an abode and bring it to life. The surface is both on trend and practical, so it’s no wonder an increasing number of homeowners are rushing out to purchase wood flooring.


Many homeowners enjoy the appearance of wood flooring because they think it creates a vintage and classic atmosphere in their dwelling and this is especially the case with darker oak surfaces.

Vintage trends are all the rage at the moment, with interior design experts predicting more householders will be planning on painting their walls in pastel hues and filling their rooms with quirky bits and pieces they picked up at car boot sales or nearby markets.

Fitting wood flooring throughout the space will make it feel lighter and more spacious

And while it is important that furnishings, textures and colours all match, it is also crucial property owners get their choice of right flooring, as this is an area that needs to be perfect.

The surface can be bought in a wide range of classic and sophisticated finishes, while they can also handle large amounts of foot traffic, which is perfect for individuals who regularly invite guests round.


While carpets are known for picking up all kinds of unwanted dust and hair, wood flooring is possibly the cleanest surface you could imagine having.

Easy to wipe and sweep, it takes no time at all to prepare a room for visitors and the warmth and comfort of the material is bound to make people feel at home as soon as they enter. To make sure the floors stay in optimum condition, you are advised to operate a ‘no shoes allowed’ policy, so there is no risk of the surface fading or being scratched.

Applying blanchon oils and hard waves might also be a clever idea, as they dry quickly and the finished result is spectacular. The coating will allow the natural beauty of the wood to shine through and create a bespoke floor your neighbours will be envious of.


Although many householders tend to overlook the entrance to their houses when it comes to decor, it can in fact play a huge role in making outsiders feel welcome. It is all too tempting to give most of our attention to rooms like the lounge and kitchen when planning a home renovation project, but hallways are just as important.

Fitting wood flooring throughout the space will make it feel lighter and more spacious, while it is also comfortable on feet and legs. As the entrance is the first part of your house guests will see, it is imperative it is stylish and representative of the rest of the property and wood flooring can help with this.

Darker finishes will create a warm and rustic ambience, while lighter tones are suited to more modern abodes – whatever your taste may be, it is guaranteed that installing wood floors will give your home a slick new look.

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