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How to buy sofa sets from furniture stores

Choosing appropriate sofa set and where to place are two keys to the room of the house becomes a comfortable place. But keep in mind many other points to hit when you know how to buy the sofa sets from a furniture stores with the high deals. Measures, seats, upholstery, so are details to consider.

How to buy sofa sets from furniture stores

When choosing a sofa the first thing to check is if you have a sturdy structure. This is verified by simply lifting the couch aside. If it is heavy enough that it is made with solid wood. Moreover, it is advisable that the legs go directly connected to the frame, is something that gives stability. The screw is not very safe.

It is also essential to check that can offer strap
a high degree of comfort, the straps used on the seat is very resistant. It is checked by hand from the inside bottom of the couch.

The material used to fill the sofa is also a point to consider. The feathers are more desirable. They can be goose, goose or a mixture, they are very comfortable. In the backs are advised duck or goose feather. They are more flexible and alternate with chopped foam.

Another more economic option, although less resistant foam is covered with a layer of polyester. It is somewhat rigid and summer gives hot. The plume flattens quickly. So it’s best to use foam combinations between chopped and pen. The foam provides a rounded shape to the sofa. If when getting up from it the back cushions quickly to its original shape is a sign that the filling is of good quality.

The seats can be hard or soft. For the first foam is used, but never with a density less than 30 kg. If instead the preference is soft and very soft, use pen and chopped foam. The density should be 25 to 30 kg.

The term is representing the sandwich system. Plate consisting of a pen, foam and another pen. For added comfort system is used to sitting. They innerspring cushions covered with foam will not warp or alter the pressure. It is a system similar to the mattresses.

The sofa bed
The sofa bed is a good choice when there is limited space in the house and wants to have some more guest bed. Always be wooden slats. The mattress can be springs (very comfortable) or foam. This type is cheaper. The key to good sleep is having the greatest number of kilos of density. There are several types of sofa bed.

The traditional or trundle bed is under the frame of the sofa. The bed has folding legs. Its advantage is that you can leave the bed made while using as a sofa.

The extensible has the seat and the backrest form a single piece. Horizontally and unfolding the legs appear with the sliding bed.

The removable type. The bed is hidden under the guise of an armchair. Simply removing the cushions and pull a mechanism to achieve transformation. The accordion is becoming open to pull the sofa bed.

The futon is a traditional oriental sofa bed. It is made of layers of wadding, 100% cotton. It consists of a simple wooden platform lacquered or varnished. It is the basis for placing the futon or mattress during the day is a youthful sofa very low. At night it is a bed to floor height.

In case of daily use, the open mode must be simple, easily deployable by one person. Opening it must remain firmly on the floor without moving. The sheets must be placed so as not to make and unmake the bed daily.

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