How to buy the most convenient vacuum cleaner

We tell you the characteristics of modern vacuum cleaners and their functions, to know which will be the most convenient according to your requirement.

vacuum cleaner
The vacuum cleaner is much more than a simple appliance for cleaning. If we know how to choose the most correct and suitable for our needs, we can use it for many other purposes (aromatize, keep pets healthy, help eliminate moisture, absorb liquids, and more), and even in major cleaning tasks, including corners and nooks, if we have special nozzles.

Therefore, we must pay attention when choosing our next vacuum, acquiring the best option for the most convenient price, optimizing its use and improving our domestic economy.

Types of vacuum cleaner

The type of vacuum cleaner is the first detail to take into account. Today you can find models of vacuum cleaner with a collection bag or without a bag. In this second model you can find different versions, some of which are capable of sucking spilled liquids without suffering inconvenience or putting at risk to whoever uses it.

Suction power and consumption

The consumption potential of the appliance will determine its operation, of course, but also its expense. A vacuum cleaner of reduced consumption will not present a great expenditure of use, but it will not have too much power in its action. The same happens with the quantification of kilopascals (Kpa), which determines the power watts of the suction , from the mouth (the entrance end) to the collection zone: the higher the Kpa, the greater the suction capacity of the device. However, if you do not have carpets at home, or if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning of curtains, floors, rather smooth carpets and so on, you will not need to choose the most powerful model, as this also affects the price of purchase (greater power, higher price).


The filters of a vacuum cleaner are those that prevent the dirt sucked back to the environment, and also protect its operation (for example, guarding the motor). Prefer models with HEPA filters if you live in the city, as they are the most effective at catching dirt, dust, lint, smog and others. If you have many pet animals or if you live in rural areas, you can opt for a filter model with activated carbon, which helps eliminate odors.

“A vacuum cleaner with reduced consumption will not have a high usage cost, but it will not have much power in its actions either.”

“Prefer models with HEPA filters if you live in the city, as they are the most effective at catching dirt, dust, lint, smog and so on.”

Accessories and brushes

The complements will be what demarcates the utility of the vacuum cleaner. Each brush will have a special function that, if applied to the correction, will allow us to obtain the most optimal functioning of the device, for a longer time. If you are going to use the vacuum cleaner for a home cleaning, prefer the model that has more brushes and nozzles (for floor, for corners, for thin areas, for upholstery, for curtains, extensor handle, for walls, for pets and more, including extendable handles that increase the range of action). If you are going to use the vacuum cleaner simply to clean the carpets, make sure that at least you have the large carpet brush, which brushes the hair or the surface, releasing the dust before vacuuming.

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