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How to choose bedside tables for the bedroom

How to choose bedside tables for the bedroom
A furniture that complements the decoration of the bedroom is the bedside table that has a specific location next to the bed. There are different models and designs that can serve as a reference. Regardless of the selected design, it is recommended that the proposal chosen for your room have a height feature in relation to that of the bed itself. It is advisable that there is a similarity between both planes as this adds comfort to this piece of furniture in which during the night you can store specific products, for example, the last book you are reading.

The rest of the measurements of this piece of furniture that fulfills an auxiliary function depend on the context in which it is located. Although it is an auxiliary piece of furniture it is important since in this rest area you dismiss each day and you start a new day, that is where you live two of the most relevant moments of the routine. It is recommended that the color and style of the bedside table harmonize with the decorative line of the room.

A home is not only a reflection of the personal taste of each protagonist, but also their lifestyle. And this influence can also be noticed in the choice of this specific piece of furniture. What things do you like to keep on your nightstand? Make a list and visualize that image to find a design that offers a solution to this demand. The support of a night table allows you to have in one gesture that element you want to reach when you are in this rest area.

You can select bedside tables with a structure that keeps the interior protected by drawers or doors. But you can also find open designs. By choosing the night table you can observe the chosen model not from the point of view of a secondary furniture in space but from the vision of a main bet that shows its personality through color , form or history (a piece of furniture). second hand or a restored proposal).

Bedside tables with drawers

You can also evaluate the possibility of breaking with the conventional image of the bedside table to find this functionality of auxiliary furniture in a different support, for example, in a stool . This choice forces you to do without a storage space.

Locating the bedside table at a point farther from the bed can also be a formula with which to break with the traditional image of this resting area. Some people also decide to dispense with this element that may also be aligned with the goal of a minimalist lifestyle centered on simplicity and simplicity as means of happiness.

Symmetric or asymmetric decoration

The bedside tables can help you reinforce the symmetrical decoration seen as a mirror in the perspective of each side of the bed or, on the contrary, increase the difference through the nuance of the asymmetry of two different but complementary designs.

Night tables in white

The color white is one of the tones that can help you to increase the light on a bedside table that can be completed with the contrast of a lamp , framed photographs or books that have an aesthetic image.

How do you visualize the place of rest seen from the point of view of the ideality that produces the happiness of this daily pleasure? That image can inspire you to choose the bedside table that you like the most and that best reflects your lifestyle and your daily well-being at the beginning of the day.

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