How to Choose & Install the most suitable appliances of your kitchen

The appliances have to live with us for many years, or at least we hope, we must be very scrupulous when choosing which suits us. We know that it is not an easy task and that, surely, we have been wrong to choose one that does not fit our expectations.

What should we consider when choosing the most suitable appliance ? Take note because choosing is not an easy task:

Choose the most suitable appliances for your kitchen

First of all, we have to know the hole we have to place it. Many appliances have standard measurements, but the kitchen may not have them. Measure the space well to fit your appliances perfectly.

The quality is very important. If we want them to last a few years and we are going to use them continuously, we are going to have to invest a little more money. You already know that the quality of pay and if you choose manufacturers that use more durable materials , you are going to have to loosen your pocket.

Before choosing, we must stop to think about the use that we are going to give it and the capacities that we need. If you are two people at home with a small kitchen, it doesn’t make much sense to buy an 8 kg load washing machine or an American fridge that takes up half your kitchen.

The warranty on the appliance must be decisive. Even if it involves more expenses, it is always important to have a good technical service for the duration of the guarantee. In our country, the warranty must be two years by law, although some manufacturers offer warranty extensions for little more money. If the company is not effective, you may suffer long absences from the appliance during the repair time.

Choose between gas or electricity . There are some appliances that work with gas and their consumption is cheaper, although there is also the disadvantage of being able to run out of charge and having to be on the lookout. Electricity is somewhat more expensive, but supply is continuous.

Review each of these points and decide on the most suitable appliance for your kitchen. Stopping to think about the needs that we must cover can save us more than one displeasure in the future.

Installation of appliances and their importance

Installation of appliances and their importance

When purchasing an electrical appliance (especially the largest ones) it is especially important to attend to its correct installation. There are short-term problems with appliances that could have been avoided with optimal installation. Of course, a good installation does not exempt consumers from good maintenance of household appliances. Nothing is further from reality.

However, there are different aspects that must be taken into consideration when buying an appliance and its subsequent placement in the home.

Water and electricity connections

It may seem trivial but when installing an appliance, you must ensure that the connection to the electrical network is carried out correctly and in accordance with the necessary safety measures. In addition, in the case of water, it is important to join to avoid leaks that damage the device itself and the materials around it.

Anchor removal

Almost all appliances include anchors for storage and transportation that have to be removed for installation. Failure to do so may result in malfunctions and situations that cause the devices to malfunction.

Clamping and leveling

Despite the fact that the surfaces of a home are not perfect (unevenness, differences in materials, etc.), efforts should be made to solve imperfections, especially when we refer to the fastening and leveling of appliances. A poorly leveled refrigerator can cause a malfunction and accidents during use, such as falling products inside when opening the door.


Like the previous requirements, letting the appliances have a space for ventilation is essential. These are electrical devices that can reach high temperatures that must be counteracted. If good ventilation is avoided, they can lead to breakdowns and various damages.

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