How to clean floor tiles

If you’ve tried everything to remove stains, water and dirt from your tiles and nothing has worked it is time to find a solution!
Today DreamyApartment will teach you some very effective home tricks to let you know how to clean tile very effectively. Forget cleaning products and expensive stain remover that you can only buy in certain stores. Take note of these steps and to clean away!

Clean tiles with vinegar and hot water
Right. Hot water and vinegar! A homemade trick they have used in my family for years. The idea is to remove unwanted stains, achieving a spectacular shine and permanently remove dirt from the edges of the tiles.
To clean the tiles with water and vinegar we recommend scrubbing hard edges with a toothbrush. Then use a mop and make a comprehensive cleanup.

How to clean floor tiles

Remember that you are using vinegar, why the odor is a problem. After you have used the preparation, spread air freshener or a product that offers a fresh aroma and delicious fragrance. You will see that in a few minutes the tiles are clean and bright.

Clean tiles with ammonia and hot water
Cleaning tiles with ammonia and hot water is very effective choice. This trick perfect home if you are looking to remove dirt that are steeped in a long time. Ammonia is a corrosive and highly efficient active component ideal for removing tough stains.

To prepare, add a little ammonia diluted in water, let rest and you can start cleaning! Also used a mop to spread the preparation and hard tiles fray until the stains are completely removed.

Finally perfumes the air with a product or simply lights a smudge. You will have all your tiles clean in minutes!

If you still want more cleaning and maintenance tips, here in DreamyApartment is all you need. Do not miss any recommendation!

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