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How to clean the computer: LCD Screen Cleaning

Where you have your LCD screen, keep in mind that always require minimal care and cleaning, although a priori can seem a bit difficult, you have some very simple ways to achieve optimal care.

Among the best solutions you have to clean an LCD screen, you choose the least expensive and the most comfortable to use, in turn getting good results. It is recommended for example, using a simple solution of alcohol, basically composed of one part of distilled water and one part alcohol to 50%.

How to clean the computer LCD Screen Cleaning

If you do not have 50% alcohol, you can change the mixture by reducing the amount of alcohol to achieve optimal results. You should not use disposable handkerchiefs to clean it, the screen, as they leave residues that greatly hinder the cleaning, rather you use cloth pads.


It is advisable not to spray the liquid directly on the screen, soaking the cloth in the mixture previously made ​​and Gently clean the screen from top to bottom, leaving it dry afterwards. You should take special care not to fall liquid on the sides of the monitor. You also have to make sure to clean the screen lightly, because if you put pressure on it, can cause permanent damage.


Dust is also something that will present very often in LCD screen and well you know that if the screen contains only dust, you must do a thorough cleaning, simply wipe clean with a microfiber very smoothly.

Normally you have to make a dedicated cleaning every two or three weeks, and clean the dust from the screen every time we see the need to achieve in this way have the screen clean without danger of breaking or damaging it.

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