How to clean wooden doors easily and with natural ingredients?

Do you want to know how to clean the wooden doors of your house using everyday products? We explain it to you in our post! Starting today, you can forget about filling your kitchen with a multitude of cleaning supplies. You just have to try our method with more homemade ingredients, like water and vinegar and, you will save storage space!

How to clean wooden doors easily and with natural ingredients?

Our mantra for today is “less is more.” Now you can stop carrying a multitude of cleaning products from one end of your house to another, and free up storage space for what you do need. You have the solution in your own kitchen: vinegar and water. You don’t need anything else to leave your doors spotless. Follow our simple tutorial to learn how to clean wooden doors.

Change the mops for a worn towel, the cloths for cotton shirts that you do not use and, if you need to rub, use a used natural sponge. Of course, disinfect before

What ingredients and materials do you need?

  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • 3 soft cloths
  • Spray bottle with dispenser
  • Scrubbing gloves (optional, in case you want to protect your hands)

Step by step to clean wooden doors with vinegar

  1. Mix one part vinegar with three parts water (think before about the amount of surface you are going to clean, so you don’t waste product).
  2. Stir to integrate the ingredients well.
  3. Pour the mixture into the dispenser bottle.
  4. Dip one of the cloths in water and then drain thoroughly.
  5. With a dry cloth, wipe the dust off the door .
  6. Spray the product on the surface and spread with the damp cloth .
  7. Once you have cleaned, dry well , with the other cloth that remains, so as not to leave any traces of moisture on the wood.

Eliminate all dirty fingerprints by mixing equal parts vinegar with hot water. Do not go overboard with the quantity, because you will hardly use product. Dip a clean, dry cloth in the mixture, and rub in a circular motion over the stained area. Then dry well.

Write down these four useful tips for cleaning wooden doors

It is also possible to use natural products to shine the wood. In this case, you need olive oil and lemon juice.

Now that you know how to clean wooden doors with homemade products, do you want to know more tricks to apply them next time? Use them, and save time.

Follow an order . Don’t mess around and clean in the direction of the wood grain. Start with the frames first, continue with the door, and save the handles for last. Of course, do it from top to bottom.
Eliminate fat effortlessly . You don’t need to scrub the stain or use a scouring pad. Use talcum powder! Apply them on the grease, wait a few minutes and clean with a cloth dampened in soap and water. Finally, remember to dry the area well.
How often do you have to clean your doors, do you know? About twice a month is enough. So you can get this activity out of your daily routine. But include in your weekly cleaning, removing dust from its surface.
And what to do to avoid damaging them? This one is easy! Use cloths that are not abrasive , such as microfiber. This way you ensure that the lacquered or varnished will not end up full of scratches that detract from the beauty of your doors.

If you need to do a more thorough door cleaning and you usually make homemade olive oil soap, you can use it. Lather until lather and rub with a wrung out cloth on the door, then dry. You can also use the usual classic soaps, known as castile soaps.

Find out now how to clean wooden doors without making mistakes

House cleaning is not one of the activities that has more followers. Sometimes we do it reluctantly and we find annoying surprises after days, such as fluff. If you find yourself among these people, take note of how to clean the wooden doors avoiding all the common mistakes that make your job.

Drain the cloths you use well: The lacquer or varnish protects the wood of your door, but it should not be neglected for that. Over time , water could penetrate through the most fragile areas , the joints, and open them.

Don’t use a duster: With a feather duster you do not remove the dust . You just move it from your door to another part of the house.

Also cleans under the doors: When entering and leaving the house our shoes bring traces of dirt. Dust or grit specks can accumulate there and, in the end, cause uncomfortable friction with the ground. One idea is to use a hair dryer to move them outside so you can remove them. Although you can also insert a paper between the bottom and the floor to sweep that area.

Protects delicate surfaces: If your sofa is very close to the area where you are going to clean and does not have an upholstery with anti-stain fabric, you can cover it with an old sheet or curtain.

Dust all the nooks and crannies: You may not be able to clean the dust that accumulates on the trim with a cloth. Take advantage of a fine brush to remove it .

Do not use oil to degrease the hinges: The product can enter the mechanism and form a dry particle. Opt for a small layer of petroleum jelly.

Do you want to know how to clean wooden doors and recycle?

Joining the trend of cleaning doors using homemade tricks also allows you to save money and, why not, acquire that accessory that you like so much for your living room or bedroom.

When you want to clean your house and you are missing some material, you can resort to recycling . We give you some ideas!

Change the mops for a worn towel, the cloths for cotton shirts that you do not use and, if you need to rub, use a used natural sponge. Of course, disinfect before.
Reuse when it runs out and after cleaning it, a bottle of spray glass cleaner. Or any other with this format.
Convert the paint cans, with a handle, into buckets . Write down this tip: don’t clean them as soon as you finish using them. Better wait for the paint to dry and remove with a spatula.

It is also possible to use natural products to shine the wood. In this case, you need olive oil and lemon juice. Mix well two parts of oil to one of lemon and apply circularly with a clean cloth. Afterwards, you will have to rub the surface. This way you remove the excess product while giving shine.

The smell of clean is unmatched, don’t you think? So that you can enjoy that pleasant sensation, but without wasting time for what you like the most, we have prepared a selection of cleaning tips on our blog. Get them and also discover the DIY ones for your home!

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