How to curtains your rooms for better exposure

In the decoration the curtains are more important than most people think. Is that serve two purposes, one decorative and functional. Both are very important. The curtains complement the decor of a room and at the same time, protect you from the entrance of direct sunlight, because you know the problems that bring the ultraviolet rays, not only to people but to furniture. And with them you can create different climates inside the room, for example, letting in more or less light.

How to curtains your rooms

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Before buying curtains it is recommended to consider several points. First the decorative style of living room, bedroom, dining room or the room where you want to install the curtains. Another point to consider is what you intend to achieve. You must be clear if you want to filter light, enhance a view to the outside, hides a construction defect or simply complement the decor.

For example in a room you may not pretend much darker environment but gently filter light entering, and, maybe, want to enhance the look outwards. For this case the best are the curtains, which are very thin fabric curtains that allow the passage of light and not hinder the view to the other side.

In a bedroom, however, probably you will want to decrease light penetration to a minimum in the moments when you are ready to sleep. This can be achieved with a good thick fabric curtains.

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