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How to decor: Tips to color the ceiling

The color of the roof is often an aspect that is ignored when decorating our room. The turn to white has become a sort of order and no one dares leave that standard when choosing paint for that area.

The truth is that choosing a color according to the design of the room, the ceiling can be a very interesting element to give originality and boldness to the environment. Here are some tips to give color to the roof and to give life to the home from above.

how to decor

Basic rules

The important thing is that the tone matches the chosen color scheme of the room and generates a set of lights and shadows that do not press it is welcoming.

This is vital to consider the basic rules when choosing a painting that is the knowledge that the dark colors shrink the perceptual level rooms and that the bigger lighter colors.

Following this scheme according to the dimensions of the room can create the desired effect and give a more rich in terms of design and color.

Tips to color the ceiling


Solid colors

Another form of the roof color is painting it with the same color as one of the walls. This will eliminate the contrast in the room and generate a very attractive and interesting effect if you are looking for attention or make some aspect of the offender or strong personality who inhabits the home.

Tips to color the ceiling


The patterns and illustrations are in turn an interesting alternative for those who do not are encouraged to paint the ceiling but if you look give a touch of color and design. The drawings can be attached there are millions and all them fit the environment to the extent that we choose with discretion and balanced manner.

Following the basic rules and taking clear that the balance and preparation are key, you can give this special touch of the rooms that you only give the original ceilings and leaving the white bold and dare to color. This will give generate a creative and attractive which enjoy.

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