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How to decorate a kitchen with apple green color

The Color Apple Green is one of the tones of nature, is cheerful, bright, relaxing and a symbol of healthy living, growth, harmony and freshness. This color is also associated with security, so its inclusion in the decoration of the kitchen gives a feeling of well being and peace.

Ideas to decorate your kitchen green apple

You can combine it with white, highlighting their strengths and offering a touch of class. The apple green harmonizes with the wood naturally clear, with furniture and white tops, also stainless steel, glass and aluminum.

This tone can also be combined with other greens, in this case could be a lime green that is almost yellow, or a dull olive green, which is a shade more subdued and balanced with the brightness of the tone block.

If you wish to bring the contrast, then combine it with pink, which is its complement, highlighting both colors. But be very careful with these mixtures, are potentially dangerous if you choose the appropriate tones.

In the kitchen, the green will bring hope and youth, in addition to its naturally promote healthy eating.

Ideas to decorate your kitchen green apple

Ideas to decorate your kitchen green apple

This shade is suitable for any item in the kitchen, both the top and the walls, floors, furniture, frames, accessories and all elements that we put in the kitchen.

For a bold decor like the photo, you can combine with tiles in the lime green wall of the counter and kitchen, with fitted apple green. Chairs are also lemon tone. To mitigate some of the gloss, you can combine with walls of green water, which is very pale and off. The flat blank is an excellent combination, but add a touch of green in the carpet under the table white, like the hotplate. You can achieve a very vital and simple kitchen where volumes are highlighted by color.

If you do not dare to play the constructive elements with this tone because it is too bold, you can use the accessories in this tone, giving it a more hidden, but keep the spirit lively apple tone. In the second picture you have a traditionally white kitchen, which you have added the details in various shades of green apple dominate the pitch. Through this you have a more natural atmosphere without saturating the color. The result you see, a kitchen fresh and harmonious view rests and promotes good humor.

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