How to decorate a bedroom in purple
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How to decorate a bedroom in purple color?

The purple color is the favorite of many women and some men too. No wonder people increasingly are turning for home-decoration in purple. So today we will give you some tips to decorate a bedroom in purple color. This color will allow you to have a strong voice that can compare with different colors and textures to create a unique suite.

Decorating with light purple

It is always important to emphasize, you do not need a big expense, because with a little imagination and some items you can get a great decoration, especially if you are motivated and use this tone.

Color combinations should not become a nightmare, because with a little patience you can achieve beautiful contrasts. It is a very strong tone, so it would be best combined with soft colors, especially since the decorating the rooms must achieve the peace and quiet of the people who inhabit them.

Decorating with purple

As mentioned earlier, this is a color that has a following both in the female and the male, so any room (kids and adults) can be decorated with this color. Just take into account some of these examples to inspire you.

Wall decoration

Previously, we have shown you various options to decorate the walls in purple, they can range from making a paint change color contrast, wallpapering, even the use of vinyl stickers to decorate. You just have to choose the option that best suits what you want and you can decorate with a touch of violet walls of your room.


Among the most representative of the frills you can grab to decorate the room with the purple cushions and curtains. Go ahead and change the cover of your cushions for some models in that purple is the protagonist, or put some curtains in this color (you can do a combination of two shades if you want a purple so strong). If you want the touch of purple is on the floor, a carpet can help you get it.
How to decorate a bedroom in purple


The furniture in your room can convey the focal point of color. If you have any old and wooden or plastic furniture that you want to restore you can paint it purple. You can also use this color in bed sheets to decorate the bed so you will not need to make big changes and you can enjoy favorite color whenever you want.

If you like the color purple, do not waste time and use this tone to transform your room right now. How about these ideas?

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