How to decorate the headboards of the bedroom to achieve a WOW effect

The bedroom is the most intimate room in the home, we use it to rest, relax and escape from routine, and it is where our day begins and ends. That is why bedroom decoration is so important, helping us to create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere that favors our rest. So, today we are going to give you several ideas to decorate the headboards of the bedroom with wallpaper and achieve a WOW effect.

Because the headboard of the bed is key in the decoration of the bedroom , providing originality, style, personality, and giving a greater prominence to the bed. In fact, we would say that it is essential.

If you are determined to decorate the headboard with wallpaper, we leave you two posts that will be very useful.

And the truth is that decorating the headboards of the bedroom with wallpaper is a success, offering multiple options for all tastes and decorative styles, and achieving excellent results. The wallpaper bedroom headboard is one of the top decorative trends .

Decorating the headboard wall with wallpaper allows us to renovate the bedroom in an easy, original and economical way, achieving surprising results that will excite you. In addition, you can do it yourself, so the satisfaction will be even greater.

Ideas to decorate the headboards of the bedroom with wallpaper

The good news is that when decorating the headboards of the bedroom with wallpaper we have a wide variety of options to choose from, and depending on the type of bedroom we will choose one wallpaper model or another, taking into account aspects such as the decorative style that we want to achieve , the size of the wall, the brightness of the room …

If you want to decorate the headboard with wallpaper, there are several online store who have a wide catalog of wallpapers with different finishes, colors and textures , so you have no doubt that you will find a perfect design for your bedroom.

Regarding its placement, you can choose to wallpaper the headboard wall in its entirety, wallpaper only the width of the bed, create a wooden plinth to achieve a differentiated effect, frame it with moldings if you are looking for a more classic and elegant style.

And a tip to achieve the best results is that the rest of the decoration matches the colors of the headboard , in order to enjoy the most successful harmony.

With multiple possibilities to choose from, below we show you some of the most outstanding designs to decorate headboards with wallpaper from our catalog that we believe will fit what you are looking for. Are you going to miss them?

Cozy Nest

One of our favorite models to decorate the headboard wall with wallpaper is “Cozy Nest”, a design with a leafy pattern in which trees with golden leaves appear on a grayish-purple background , which will add a natural touch and elegance to your bedroom.

The first will help you calculate how many rolls of paper you will need, and the second includes a video that explains how to properly wallpaper walls

Swim & Chill

Another highly demanded and successful option is the “ Swim & Chill ” wallpaper , a black fish print with golden touches on a dark blue background , ideal to complete distinguished and innovative bedrooms, with an original and sophisticated design that will make a difference.

Lath Gold

The “Lath Gold” wallpaper will bring sophistication and originality to the headboard of your bedroom . An ethnic design with arabesque motifs with a very successful combination of gold and ocher, which will allow you to create an atmosphere full of positivism and personality.

We find it in the 1001 Nights catalog wallpapers, where all the designs have a clear Arabic influence and are inspired by the visual and artistic culture of the Middle East.

Eye of the tiger

To decorate the headboards of the bedroom with the wallpaper of the smallest of the house we highlight “ Eye of the Tiger ” , a decorative paper with an original and fun pattern that has the tigers as the main characters. It will fit perfectly in children’s bedrooms.

It is available with a stone gray, orange or white background , being able to choose the one that best combines with the rest of the decoration. An ideal paper for the little ones, ecological, 100% PVC-free and non-woven.

Conservatory Limonaia

With many possibilities to choose from, let yourself be conquered by the selection of wallpaper for the headboard of the bedroom

If you are looking for an elegant, simple and high quality wallpaper , in the ” Conservatory Limonaia ” wallpaper you will find your best ally, with a sophisticated and original wave pattern that will perfectly match what you are looking for and will give a leap in quality to the decoration of your bedroom.

From York Wallcoverings , it is a high quality pre-glued washable wallpaper from the Conservatory collection . And best of all, it is available in five different colors to choose from: blue, beige, gray, red and green.

Roseus Mural

Add a fresh, tropical touch to your bedroom with the “ Roseus mural ” . A wallpaper model with a very colorful flamingo tropical landscape print that conveys positivity and freedom, and will fill your room with color.

Ideal for lovers of nature and dream landscapes, it is available in non-woven fabric or vinyl with a TNT base , and in both cases the highest quality is guaranteed.

Chalkboard Magnetic and Paintable Wallpaper

If you are thinking of renovating your little ones’ bedroom, this paintable and magnetic chalkboard wallpaper from ESTAhome will win you over, and them even more .

It is a decorative paper with a blackboard coating on which girls and boys can draw with chalk and paste their drawings , as if it were the blackboard they have at school. Fully washable, you can clean it with a damp cloth and it will be like new.

Spark night

choose your design and enjoy the bedroom you have always dreamed of.

We return to the 1001 Nights collection to highlight the “ Spark Night ” decorative paper , with which you will create an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere that will promote relaxation and rest without sacrificing style.

It is a black wallpaper with a silver star print that stands out for its elegance, and that will give a leap in quality to the rest of the room.


And if you do not find the model you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us .

And we finish with one of the options that we like the most to decorate headboards with wallpaper. It is “Stardust”, a wallpaper with a very special Art Deco pattern of golden arches , perfect for classic and elegant decorations.

If you want to give a different, innovative and successful touch to your bedroom, decorating the bedroom headboards with wallpaper is an alternative to take into account . You will bring originality to the decoration and you will create an environment that perfectly matches your personality, being able to choose the pattern that best suits your tastes and the rest of the decoration.

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