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How to decorate the home with striped wallpaper

The wallpaper is always a good option if you do not want to resort to classical wall painting. The problem in deciding who may find the home paper is the same as when we decided to paint the house: What color, design or wallpaper should you use?

Here are some interesting ideas for you to consider when choosing your wallpaper. If you are looking for a touch of color to the bedroom, give it a unique style to the living, or maybe upgrade a little every room, maybe he’s a striped wallpaper.
Home paper Colorful wallpaper

Home paper: Colorful wallpaper

Deciding on a striped wallpaper for your wall does not mean you cannot choose something colorful enough to brighten and enliven the room. You can choose to broad stripes in fuchsia and white. This transforms any room dramatically into something strong, bold, and stylish. If you decide to block the entire room you can apply the role in only one of the walls.

Parisian Wallpaper

This wallpaper, do not you remember to Paris? Perhaps because of its warm yellow color and proportion of those elegant pinstripes interspersed green. Also influence the fittings and accessories that have been used to decorate the room. The result is charming and elegant. I’m sure they will love you too.

Classic Wallpaper

You must not overlook a classic design that never hurts. If you are looking for a living and that mood is not too flashy colors or too bold, this is one of the best options. You can use colored papers as beige, blue, aqua and other shades like to obtain the classical result we want.
How to decorate the home with striped wallpaper

Wallpaper nude color

The nude color can be very suitable for decorating the bedroom and achieve a simple result but extremely charming. Supplements that will color the touch, yet discreet. Nude pastel colors may be combined with or in this case, concolor sky.
Home paper Colorful wallpaper

Avant-garde wallpaper

Finally, if your idea is to implement color and you fancy a bit at the forefront, this is the best choice. The striped wallpaper you have chosen is very original, perhaps because the stripes are horizontal and attractive because it is in tune with accessories. Just a little yellow mustard, designer curtains, custom chairs and some other very modern accessory to complement.

Which of these roles do you prefer? My favorite is the second option. All are good options, the decision depends on your personal taste. By papering the home you get a stylish decor and most innovative.

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