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How to decorate the house with carpets

An important aspect of any home decoration, carpets are an essential part of the harmony and warmth of our room to dress. Today, with the decorative boom at its best, you have many options when choosing a rug with the classic square, round or oval an original or a very modern asymmetrical design. It all depends on your room, and it is assigned.

How to decorate the house with carpets

Living Room:
Living Room is an special place in the house, where they perform a variety of tasks (watching TV, relaxing or studying, among others), or welcome people as friends or family. To make a good first impression, a good idea to start with a nice carpet. If your living room is large, divide space (as two separate rooms) with two carpets of different design and color. Thus, you can sever the part of the room (the table legs should always be inside the folder, like the chairs, even though the drag a diner sitting or standing). In another section place a folder with a color very different, an armchair and a coffee table. Never mind that the chair legs are not all in the carpet, it’s okay if only the front is supported by it.

How to decorate the house with carpets

There are many points to take into account the type of floor decoration you want in your bedroom, or to be decorated. Some that you will offer to take into account:

If you combine the color or pattern on the walls of the room with our folders, color you have to consider first is that of the walls. If you are a clear and sober tone, a carpet of bright colors and original forms sit well with the harmony of the room. Conversely, if the colors are (for example) of a red, blue, etc. It is recommended to choose pastel colors. An excellent choice would be a cowhide (of which follow the natural shape of the animal), or any other type of carpet, leather, always following color patterns indicated.

Do not just rectangular carpet styles: rugs octagonal or circular bring much originality to the room.

If the place is very busy, often more practical to choose a folder with a detailed design, will wear less noticeable.

The kitchen is not very common to locate a carpet, but certainly not a reason to leave this idea aside. This is, however preposterous it may sound, the plastic is a resource that failed to find a place in this area. Not only has a purely aesthetic, but to put a small rug (like the receiver of the front door) in front of the refrigerator door or where washing dishes is an excellent idea to prevent accidents.

Care of carpets:
Carpets require constant maintenance to make them look just as nice and warm as the first day. It must suck all day, even if it is not possible, a couple of days a week will suffice. At least twice a year, is crucial send them to a professional carpet cleaner where treated with special products and be beautiful.

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