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How to decorate the terrace with low budget

Do not be fooled rain and cold! We are already in spring and this year seems to be that it will be warmer than at other times! Therefore, you should keep you going when decorating outdoor spaces of your home so you can enjoy the most when the proper time comes.

As we know that in these times of crisis we all have to tighten our belts a little, today we propose some good ideas to decorate your terrace with little money. And, as you will find yourself then you will be able to achieve pleasant and practical spaces with very little budget . Would you like to join us? We promise you will not regret!

To enjoy the terrace full you must have furniture that make you stay comfortable in this place

Restore your old furniture

To enjoy the terrace full you must have furniture that make you stay comfortable in this place. Of course, the number of pieces of furniture will be determined by the dimensions of space and needs. So, if you have a few square meters will suffice with a small table with two or three chairs, furniture that you will become super cheap. If you already have outdoor furniture but are old or obsolete, instead of buying you can restore or paint. They will look like new! In our article “How to restore furniture to decorate your home” we give the keys to reuse a piece of old furniture.

Create your own furniture

If you do not have outdoor furniture you can choose several options for you to go cheap. One is to buy second hand and, if damaged, restore yourself. You can also reuse old furniture inside. Yes, the option we like is to recycle different objects to create new pieces of furniture, especially when it comes to pallets . And with these wooden elements most interesting pieces of what can be achieved, as you will see in our article “Ideas for decorating with pallets“. You’ll also find great ideas in our article “Furniture from recycled objects”.

you opt for warm lights underpowered


Although often not give them the importance they deserve, decorative details are critical condition when any outdoor space of the home. Fortunately, you need not spend much money to customize your deck. What you can not miss are plants that besides having a very low cost, provide a natural touch and colorful space. Yes, we recommend that you opt for the pots of clay, besides being cheap, are infinitely better than plastic, especially if the paint.

Other decorative elements

There are other economic elements ornamental ideal for decorating the terrace. You can see some examples in our article “Decorating Ideas with recycled objects“. Other essential elements when decorating any space are textiles. The good thing is that they are very cheap, so you can replace them when you tire of them. The cushions, for example, color and comfort to your terrace provided. As for the lighting , essential to enjoy the terrace at night, we recommend that you opt for warm lights under-powered. A good idea is to create garlands of lights that will give a bohemian stay and original touch. Another economic and very decorative option to decorate the terrace is to opt for candles. Finally, you will have elements to provide shade. In decorating shops low cost find cheap umbrellas and gazebos, although you can also create yourself your corner shade. You only have to buy waterproof fabric and tie it to different parts of your deck.

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