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How to decorate with patterns

A fun and easy way to decorate your home is using printed patterns, either with flowers, stripes or polka dots. Combine stamped with the rest of the colors of the room and the furniture that is basic to achieve harmony and your home look modern and vibrant and not as a grout of things you have done over the years.

How to decorate with patterns

Some time ago saw how the prints to invade your home designs because they are an inexpensive and fun way to breathe life into your home environments, from wallpaper to towels. There are many printed objects that can be placed in strategic locations to achieve the look you seek.

How to decorate with patterns

The stripes are another great option that shown how to use in decorating your space with stripes. You must admit that it is you favorite pattern, with moles. The good thing about streaks is that you can achieve different effects with them, such as make a space look larger or high.

How to decorate with patterns

When you decided to add some pattern to your decor must avoid abuses, limiting the palette of colors and designs we are using. It is not as difficult as it seems, just have to follow some tips that are sure to help you decorate with patterns.

Simple rules for decorating with prints

Limiting the color scheme

Two or three colors are sufficient and even better if they are combined with each other, i.e. if one or more of the colors is repeated on different objects.

Vary the scale

Mix designs with large prints and small, and will achieve different impressions and details.

Mixing different types of prints

Choose up to four distinctly different patterns like floral arabesques, stripes, polka dots, or pictures. Maybe two plaid patterns to not be a good alternative, but if you combine pictures with flowers can be very good, everything depends on the pattern and colors that you use.

Surely, if you follow these simple tips you will achieve modern environments and original touch that gives the prints.

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