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How to define your decoration theme, seating styles and designing ideas

When it comes to decoration, the most important thing is that the protagonist of an interior design project defines its own space. Even if you have an expert to advise you on decisions, it is advisable that you actively participate in the process because your criteria are important. How can you define your decoration theme, seating styles and designing ideas?

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Decoration information

It is positive that you take your time to compare different proposals from different stores and brands, where you may find your favorite stuff. Beyond what you know so far, you can complement this information with new proposals. This implies going outside your comfort zone in terms of decoration, however, the freedom of decision is also greater when you increase your knowledge frame.

Both in online format and in paper format you can group in a folder those sources of inspiration that you love, decoration proposals from different rooms in the house that represent the ideal of what an aesthetically-loving home means to you.

These images are a graphic representation of your own style since beyond the differences in the images, it is possible that you can find a common thread in several of them, for example, you are likely to show a preference for some color tones, seating styles. Therefore, through this image selection exercise you also increase your level of self-knowledge when trying to conclude the common characteristics in the different snapshots.

Identify what you do like more!

Sometimes, a person is not clear about what they love, however, they can specify what does not fit into their decorating project. Make a list with these options because through the discard you can also go a little closer to the desired point to clarify those proposals that do fit a style that defines you.

This process is not immediate, that is, it may happen that you need time to delve into this list of options. The language of decoration is, first of all, visual. For this reason, through the observation of images you can conclude a style that defines you or, if possible, harmonize two different ones in the same room through an attractive mix.

Thanks to the influence of new technologies you have the opportunity to use these tools to digitally visualize decoration projects through the specific functionality of each app. Observing the simulation of a space in a digital way offers visual information that can be definitive to choose how you want your home to be.

Through a coaching process designed to achieve a decorative goal you can define what your decorative style is since you are the ultimate responsible for the decisions you make at home. The own methodology of coaching puts the voice in the client like protagonist of a process that transcends to the decorative scope and connects with the vital plane since a house is a space of feelings, emotions , anecdotes and thoughts.

A process of these characteristics can be especially effective if you have doubts between different styles and do not know how to clarify the issue because this indecision translates into an internal struggle on a personal level. Your style of decoration not only has to be liked in the present, but also, be that space that you visualize as your own in the future since the impact of these decisions transcends the immediate.

How to define your style of decoration to dress your home? With patience, observation and trusting in your own criteria to assume this responsibility.

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