How to keep your lawns in good condition

To get the lawns with a perfect look throughout the year takes many care and proper maintenance.
Obviously the main point in the lawns care is watering, but always in perspective, since over-watering can be detrimental to the lawns as the soil hardens and therefore could hinder grass growth, plus an excess of water carries nutrients and removes and can cause the growth of fungus.

How to keep your lawns in good condition

It is important to know how and when to water, which is determined by the type of terrain that we have, needing more water and sandy soils with slopes, less water and clay areas with more shade. You also need to know that it is much more convenient to water in a less frequent and for a longer time so that the water gets deep, that a very frequent watering and superficial as it may weaken the grass.

The best times of day to water are those in which there is little sun, and the sunset, in the early morning or evening to avoid water loss through evaporation, allowing the grass absorb more.

Besides irrigation, often turf may require fertilization, since not all soil types have the same amount of nutrients, and although they may have with the passage of time can go down.

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