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How to make a mosaic table?

To achieve a beautiful mosaic table, you need a main table, a model of patterns, different colors of tiles or mosaic, adhesive tile, seal and varnish.

How to make a mosaic table

Preparation and shaping for a mosaic table

If you bought the tiles to make your mosaic, break them with a hammer, taking care to cover the tiles towel to avoid injury. The ideal would be to obtain pieces of 2 to 3 centimeters. When finished, place the pieces of tile on a drop cloth. Clean the top of the table: if it is metal, sand it first with sandpaper and clean.

Once cleaned the table, draw the model of your choice with a pencil in its entirety or use a stencil of your choice. Then dip your brush in the glue and lead a working part of the pattern. Put gradually the mosaic tiles on the game stuck in accordance with the colors of your model. Adjust the position of the tiles, if necessary, using a pointed object such as scissors or tweezers.


The completion of the mosaic table

Once the collage mosaics of the model was done, fill the remaining area of ​​the table with tiles following the same process as the model. Allow to dry everything. Moisten the tiles with a sprayer to seal adheres better. The mosaic tiles do not necessarily require a humidification. Apply the joint with a flexible spatula and allow to harden ten minutes.

After ten minutes have elapsed, remove the excess joint overflowing with a damp sponge. You must avoid exceeding the time for drying of the joint, because when dry, it will be hard to remove. Let the table sit and dry between 12 to 24 hours, then clean. You can paint the legs and bottom of the table with a matching color to your mosaic. If the mosaic was made with small pieces of tile, it is also possible to varnish the work performed.

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