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How to organize the wardrobe change in 10 easy steps

Finally, it seems that the heat is here to stay. Despite the rains and the visits of the occasional storm, the good weather rules. It’s time to put on coats and scarves and start thinking about taking off your swimsuit for your first summer trips.

Yes, we are talking about one of the activities that we like the most and that, at the same time, make us more lazy: changing the wardrobe. On the one hand, we love recovering short-sleeved clothing, dresses and everything that reminds us of good weather and holidays. On the other hand, we fear the classic tidal wave of clothing piled up in the rooms due to lack of time and organization.

How to organize the wardrobe change in ten steps

If this is your case, if year after year you start to take clothes out and put them in with great interest and enthusiasm, but you abandon them because they demand you in other tasks, because you have doubts about what to keep and what to give away or because you simply “get a ball”, need help.

The key is to set aside some time to carry out this activity and carry it out following an organizational guideline, which she has distributed in the following steps.

  1. Take out the clothes you are going to keep, the winter clothes. Everything, including accessories, bags, shoes and sports accessories if you have them.
  2. Distribute it in two piles: what you are going to keep and what you are not. Clothes that no longer fit you or that year after year you are seeing hanging but you do not get to wear can have a second chance. You can give it away to friends or recycle it, take it to thrift stores and charities.
  3. Keep what you have decided to keep and be in good condition, following a guideline. Leave whatever you wear on hand, in case it is cold and you need to use it.
  4. Make a list of clothes to wear to the dye or to fix for the next season. You can use any domestic organization mobile phone application that will serve you not only to point the person in charge of carrying it and control the collection dates. Leave the clothes on display at the entrance to remember to take them down on your next round of errands.
  5. Do not mix what you are going to wash at home with the new season clothes, it will delay both tasks and you will never finish putting the wardrobe. Wash it separately and store it as soon as possible.
  6. We have reached the equator. The closet is empty so it is time to proceed to give it a little review, with a damp cloth and a cleaner. Take the opportunity to air it and put aromatic bags or similar products if you like.
  7. It is also time to buy the hangers, bags and boxes you need. If you have thought about changing the interior decoration of the wardrobe, it is a good opportunity.
  8. Take out the seasonal clothes and check their condition. It is possible that some garment has lost color or that it happens the same as winter clothing, that it is no longer worth it or that you finally admit that you are not going to wear it. Add what you discard to winter clothing to give away. Note that it needs to be cleaned or washed in dye in the list of DECORATION APPS that you have made and also place it by hand.
  9. Hang the rest, even if it’s wrinkled. You will not be able to iron everything at once, so it is better in its place, tidy and it will be done when it can. In addition, it is ventilated and stretched and thus the ironing will cost less.
  10. When you have washed and fixed the clothes of the dye, you can already hang it for summer or save for winter, depending on the garment.

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