How to remove perfume stains from your clothes

Perfume is our best complement. It reflects our personality, improves our mood and gives us a touch of seduction that never hurts. However, some perfume stain clothes, causing uncomfortable yellowish spots result of the reaction of the acid of fragrances with tissue appear. But do not worry! We have gathered different tips on how to remove perfume stains your clothes.

First, if the stain is not very clear, it would suffice to pass a sponge soaked in warm water and gently rub the area, then washing as usual. You can also apply warm water to some baking soda and wash with abundant foam stained garment.

How to remove perfume stains from your clothes

However, in some cases the spots persist. If your garment is really affected, we bring different solutions depending on the type of fabric in question.

Cotton Garments

To cotton garments, if they are colored, we treat them by immersing the affected part in a container with alcohol. We waited a half hour, and that’s it! In the case of white garments, replace the alcohol with hydrogen peroxide, and then rub gently with a brush. Finally wash the garment with liquid soap and hot water. They will look like new!

Wool or Silk Garments

In the case of delicate fabrics, we can carry out two actions. First, go over the stain with a cloth moistened with alcohol. If it does not work, use pure ammonia. In both cases, immediately after finishing, wash the garment with water and liquid detergent. There is an alternative and very homemade solution that consists of boiling the garment with water and lemon peels or apply glycerine on the stain before rinsing well.

Natural silk

This is a special case, since it is an even more delicate type of fabric. Wash only with warm or cold water, and avoid twisting the garment while draining. Never expose it directly to the sun!

Leather or Suede Garments

For this type of fabric, avoid using water. If the stain is cool, use a dry paper or gauze cloth to dry the fabric with soft strokes. However, if the stain is older and dry, make a solution of liquid soap and water, and apply it with plenty of foam. Gently rub the foam with a sponge and then dry it with a cloth to clean the surface of soap. If this has not been enough, we bring you one more trick: apply corn flour to the stain . It will help you eliminate and absorb!

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