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How to soundproof your bed room?

Many times you come home after a long day of work and then you can not achieve peace. It all adds up suddenly steps upstairs neighbors, the ball of the son of the neighbors next door, washing dishes in the kitchen and even the rain in case it rains ends becoming annoying.

How to soundproof and peaceful your bed room

One of the things that most people are opting increasingly is the sound insulation or making sound proof that gets people in the house are more relaxed, rest much better at night and mostly are in a better mood.

Isolation is a very practical resource to turn to hundreds of people every year. It is a very practical you can move around the house and even applied to many objects you consider a nuisance. If you have this problem, you teach you to fix it.

The most common is that you isolate only the rooms where you have noise. For example, if you play an instrument, or those who need silence.

You can also soundproof areas only where appropriate: the roof, wall, windows or even the floor. Think that if you solve the problem by coating at least possible, save money and you’ll keep more space because this procedure reduces, but recently, the space of the room.

Today there are materials for all surfaces: from the most common to walls, windows and doors, to dampers for ventilation systems, machines that are on the outside of the building, exhaust, HVAC, etc..

Most common types of insulation:

  • Polyurethane foam: a good acoustic insulator. There are many varieties and are virtually fireproof foam.
  • Mineral fibers: they are quite light and not flammable. You can find them in rock or glass.
  • Vegetable fibers: shockproof and very rigid. The find slabs or panels. Are flammable because they are comprised of wood compact yarns.
  • Aluminum plastic films: are sold in rolls and are easy to install. Just apply a special glue and attach them to the surface you want to isolate.
  • Slabs of expanded polystyrene are strong and alicatan using a plastic tail.
  • Elastic supports: prevents sound bridges use to soundproof the room.
  • Siding: are simple and quick to install and bring the advantage of adapting to any circumstance and area.
  • Acoustic barrier: are panels that help you quell noise from open pit equipment, the HVAC system placed on a roof, for example.
  • Acoustic Silencers: placed in vent pipes, air conditioners, exhaust fans, etc.

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