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How to have a hypoallergenic house

Whether your children suffer from allergic asthma as if you just want a clean home and perfect for the air is pure, it is convenient to start thinking about how to clean and how to have every stay free of mites. Also you should know that asthma is one of the most common diseases in childhood. It occurs more often in boys than in girls but symptoms are usually the same.

If you have a child at home complaining of a bad cough, chest hurts and the doctor has already diagnosed with asthma, then it’s time you start to learn how to prevent symptoms worse. It is important to begin to do it from home! Then I’ll give you some tips so you can significantly improve your home and your children much like you may be able to notice the improvement of the environment.
create a hypoallergenic atmosphere in the room of your children, you need not dispense with toys and decorations

It is very important that vintiles all rooms of your home, especially the bedrooms. This way you can renew the air leaving the microbes they leave and preventing air from being stalled or overloaded. It is enough to open all windows for 10 minutes every morning .

Less teddies

Stuffed animals are a source of dust and a whole universe of mites. Stuffed animals and toys should always be well kept. Although a great option for all toys and stuffed animals is to keep them in a living room or playroom for your children, so your bedroom is discharged of junk.

To create a hypoallergenic house or hypoallergenic atmosphere in the room of your children, you need not dispense with toys and decorations, so it is not so boring decoration can opt to choose toys and decorative objects made ​​of wood, metal or plastic (they are much easier cleaning and dusting).

Textiles always clean

Furthermore it is essential that the textiles of each room are clean, so you must have the habit of washing every week, especially the bedding and textiles sofas and armchairs.

Clean daily

In addition, and of course, have to be cleaned daily all major surfaces to remove dust that accumulates such as children’s desk, table and dining room furniture, the kitchen bench, etc.

Although friegues soil every two or three days you will sweep daily to remove any mites and germs that are stuck in the ground.

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