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Ideas to create the perfect bedroom

Sleep is basic to our physical and mental health. And we are not referring only to sleep adequate hours (experts advise 8 hours per day), but to do so in a comfortable and pleasant environment. Therefore, when decorating the bedroom must take into account all kinds of factors: mattress, furniture, lighting, textiles, colors … And every one of the elements forming part of this stay will influence your rest and, therefore, also in your health and your mood.

Today DREAMYAPARTMENT we want to help you get the perfect bedroom, so we will give you some ideas and tips that will prove extremely useful Would you like to join us ?

The bed and mattress

How could it be otherwise, we will start talking about the bed and mattress, the key elements in achieving a good rest. What we recommend is that you choose such a big bed as you stay permits, always leaving enough space on both sides. Bed type you choose will depend a lot of the mattress, an element that you must choose considering your needs . The best, though, is picking a breathable model. In our article “Tips for Choosing the bed” will find all the information you need to choose both the furniture and the mattress.
nice environment with an ambient temperature

soothing colors

If you want a perfect bedroom then you should choose to decorate with the soothing colors of the color palette, among which are the pastels, beige, blue and green. Of course, it is important that when choosing the colors that will form part of the stay you consider its characteristics. Thus, for small rooms they are indispensable, preferably light colors white , which helps enhance the natural light and ample space visually. It is also essential that you choose the colors depending on your personal tastes.



Often forgotten, textiles play a key role in the bedroom. What we recommend is that you choose soft bedding and quality . Of course, it should be different depending on the time of year. Moreover, it is advisable to choose it in soft colors and small patterns, which are the most relaxed. One of the tones that gives the best results is white. In our article ” Tips for Choosing the bedding ” you will find more information. Moreover, it is good idea to fill the bed of pillows and cushions and curtains place in light fabrics and light colors. Also, in winter we recommend placing a rug at the foot of the bed to stepping on a warm floor instead of cold.

Right now they take the most original, as performed with doors and windows

decorative objects

Your bedroom will not be complete until you do not give your personal touch, something you get with decorative objects. To achieve a perfect stay we recommend placing flowers and plants which, as I have already mentioned, are not dangerous in the bedroom, but quite the opposite. We also recommend placing a header , you must choose depending on the style of the room. Right now they take the most original, as performed with doors and windows . In addition, the headboard wall is also a good idea to place a picture or a composition of several square or photo frames.

it is important that when choosing the colors that will form part of the stay you consider its characteristics

Achieve a pleasant environment

Finally, to achieve a perfect bedroom you will get a nice environment with an ambient temperature of between 18 and 22 ° C and humidity between 50 and 70% (or dehumidifiers humidifiers can help you). On the other hand, it is important that vintiles the room at least 10 minutes a day and let out of the room all electronics. In addition, it is essential that night stay as quiet and dark as possible, although the day you will make natural light in through every corner.

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