Recycled wood furniture can have as many as we want decorative possibilities

Ideas for decorating with recycled materials

In decorating, recycling is fashionable. Finally a trend that helps to repair the damage it has suffered nature, reducing the environmental impact caused the most polluting and toxic elements. The object? Restore the beauty of our planet betting on a much healthier and environmentally friendly, both for humans and plants and animals future.

organic cotton and many other sustainable fabrics and materials that are environmentally friendly

Recycling is increasingly present in our lives, for example in home decoration . Decorated with many more decorative possibilities than you can imagine. So we introduce some good ideas to properly decorate the house with furniture and recycled items. Take note!

For all styles

Are already made ​​by ourselves or purchased at any specialized trade in decoration, furniture made ​​of recycled materials are fashionable and can be purchased in many different ways. For example, recycled wood table, linens made ​​in organic cotton and many other sustainable fabrics and materials that are environmentally friendly.

And now the big question, how to decorate with these furniture and accessories? Our purpose today is to offer some good ideas to make the most of this trend.

Recycled wood furniture can have as many as we want decorative possibilities

Recycled wood

Recycled wood furniture can have as many as we want decorative possibilities. Everything depends on the style you want to achieve and the type of environment that we will put this piece. We can opt for a wooden rustic style for picnics and industrial environments, or apply a coat of paint or varnish green for a more polished and elegant design.

Therefore, in eclectic, rustic and industrial environments, untreated recycled materials such as wood and aged appearance is a great decorative appeal. Although recycled furniture also find their place in other more sophisticated environments, minimalist and even romantic.

For example, in classical and romantic settings, nothing beats a recycled wood furniture with pickling effect and aged appearance. While in contemporary and minimalist rooms, our advice is to opt for furniture with more care finishes. In the market there are ecological paints and varnishes that help us refine our furniture.

Organic Textiles

The same is true of textiles made from sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, linen and wool, among others. These textiles are so versatile they can be used in all types of environments, without losing elegance.

Wooden boxes and glass containers

And in practice, how can we add recycled home recycled materials? In the kitchen, for example, bottles and glass containers can become makeshift containers for plants and flowers . But they can also be practical supports for daily hygiene utensils in the bathroom, or even a pencil on the desk.

In the hall, a wooden box as we find in the supermarket can become a practical shelf to organize and to always have our things. In the living room and on the desktop, these boxes are great solutions to store blankets, plaids, books, magazines and so on.

Wooden pallets and crates

A pallet can be converted a coffee table for the living room or even a headboard Original. What can we do with the ceramic plates no longer use? For example, create compositions with them and decorate the wall.

While the old trunks and suitcases we can achieve some coffee tables and occasional furniture also offer extra storage space. And if you have any old staircase that no longer use and do not know what to do with it, remember you can use it as a practical towel for the bathroom or even in the locker room to organize your jewelry and scarves.

What more ideas occur to you?

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