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Ideas for living: Modern dark colors for decorating

In a time now here are some great ideas and advice regarding different color schemes for rooms. We have gone through the tones, deep color like blue or passionate as red and today we bring you some ideas for the livings in dark colors.


Talk about dimensions, accessories and details in order to use these as marginalized and generate tones, although it sounds incredible, cozy spaces where taste and warm room.

Ideas for living dark colors for decorating

Dimensions matters

The most important thing to consider before choosing a dark color for the wall is to assess the dimensions and openings. Dark colors tend to reduce your perception of space and so you must calculate and measure what color will be better and where you place them.


To avoid the feeling of oppression you must choose shades of dark paint some walls and combine another in lighter shades in the same range. You should also appeal to natural light and openings to illuminate and expand the space despite the color.

Ideas for living dark colors for decorating

Accessories important

Whatever the color scheme, details and accessories are always an important part, if not essential, decoration. The balance and tonal richness and textures of the room is usually derived from the accessories and you must be creative in choosing care. In the case of small dark rooms, it is better to opt for smooth textures, smooth, clean lines and cool tones to match the tones of the environment and create a pleasant atmosphere. Also glassware, marble and metal are great in areas with few colors and textures add variety without being overwhelming it.




Contrasts Factor

The contrasts dark hues make the highlight detail a particular corner of the room and give him life and special recognition. Therefore, if we seek to give small touches of color that attract attention, give it life and visual appeal to the environment, placing flowers, candles, pictures or color photographs will make our living room look more cheerful and turned on. The good thing about this type of accessory is that color can be varied and even remove in order to determine the appearance and living environment for the occasion.


These tips can then give the living a sober dark colors based on generating mystery and seriousness. It is important to note that the fact that the color scheme is dark does not mean your cozy living room is not quite the contrary.


The Color is only one piece at a time to create an environment and if you use it well and in line with furnishings and the warmth will also be present and your living will call attention to its originality.

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