Paint Colors and Palettes

Ideas for painting walls with colors

Want to give a change of air to your home? For one of the best ways to do that is by painting the walls. Besides it is being a simpler and cheaper option than others, as do works or change the furniture, you can get great results, because depending on the color you use, you can visually modify the dimensions of your home and enhance all types atmospheres.

So you know, if you want to expand your room, giving warmth to your living room or climb a roof, just read the advice for painting walls that we give then paint the walls of your home with color. Ready?

Add warmth to your home

If the rooms in your house are spacious, light receiving or are cold sober decoration, it is best to add a bit of warmth, do not you think it? For this, it is best that you paint the walls using colors from the palette of warm, combining them with neutral tones like white or pale beige almond.

modify the dimensions of your home and enhance all types atmospheres

Low ceilings and high

If you have the impression that your home ceilings are low, it is best to paint them a color more clear that the wall, reinforcing the effect created by painting with light beam directing upwards. Also, the walls also lengthen if there is a decorative paint finish with a layout of vertical stripes.

By contrast, the high ceilings remaining warmth to the room. So it is good idea visually closer to the ground painting it a shade darker than the walls.

Stays close

The colors can also serve to ensure that stays close, like hallways, wider look. To achieve this, you must go to the tones, especially those who can harmonize with the interior woodwork. And if you want a wall away from the other, you should paint the sidewalls in very clear tones and bright hues book intense from the same palette for roofs.

Stays small and shallow

On the other hand, to give greater scope to stay will have to dip into the pure white and lighter shades of different palettes. But to accommodate the depth of a room, you can paint a wall of dark warm color tones while reserving the rest. If you want to get the effect otherwise, you will paint three walls a dark color and the third in a light tone. It also helps to choose cool colors.

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