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Ideas for unique wedding cake

If you are planning your wedding party, among the most important aspects of this, we find the wedding cake, which, apart from the bride is the central figure in the party.


When thinking about a wedding cake, come to mind the typical and traditional cakes with typical fondant and decorated traditional; why then not do something completely different? There are many original wedding cakes with lots of fun themes and motifs. Make the most important day of your life into something original and therefore memorable.

Ideas unique wedding cake


What are the characteristics unique wedding cakes?

Well, first original wedding cakes are colorful, with motifs and decoration different from the traditional bride and groom arm in arm. They also tend to have several floors and different sizes sometimes figuratively as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Obelisk of Buenos Aires or the Pisa tower in Italy.


Some couples choose to do themed weddings. For example, the mood at a beach wedding, a casino, the sea floor at a disco and so on. The decoration of the ballroom is in line with this theme and of course the wedding cake cannot be less.


Another aspect that makes the original wedding cake are the dolls that are placed on top of cake. There are many such great fun as the bride dragging the groom to the altar, the couple talking on the phone, the groom dressed as a football player’s girlfriend and his arms folded, chained to the bride groom, etc.. These dolls are available through the Internet and buy online. The advantage is that you arrive at your door.


Another point of a wedding cake is the original. Something that is becoming fashionable. Central is a cake with several pancakes around. Other couples go further and completely change the shape of wedding cake making big burgers and even pizza.


The question is to innovate, be different. You can choose the wedding cake that suits your personality d and your boyfriend while you leave in the minds of your guests a pleasant memory and funny wedding cake. Perhaps you become the first in a long list of brides who want unique wedding cakes for the most important day of life.

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