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Ideas on decorating Swedish decoration colors

Today we are suggesting to incorporate colors in the home with the new philosophy, just taking into account the advice of two of the most renowned designers of today: Estrid Ericson and Frank Jose. Welcome the Swedish décor with colors!

Want to know what it is?

Swedish decoration colors

Interior decoration styles of Estrid Ericson and Frank Jose

Estrid Ericson and Frank Jose are important designers of this time have lent their talent to make an innovative proposal for the firm Svenskt Tenn.

They have used many different color patterns, botanical samples and a great mix of textures. As for accessories and ornaments, parts have chosen striking designs truly wonderful.

Interior decoration styles of Estrid Ericson and Frank Jose

Go bold shades! The images show that bright colors are one of the most used by these designers but this wall is definitely hogging all eyes. The pattern of branches and flowers is very original, a great collection of yellows, lilacs, pinks and reds well of passion.

Do not forget to pay attention to the combination of colors scattered in every detail of the house. The towels in the vessels even in the fruit! Remember that decoration with fruit is also possible and seems a little innovative. You can see here.

Interior decoration styles of Estrid Ericson and Frank Jose

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