Ideas to quickly clean the bathroom

The bathroom is a space which should be cleaned daily, thus preventing the formation of bacteria and germs. The germs that form in the bathrooms are very harmful for the whole family, mainly for little kids.

Basin: The sink is easy to clean, but you should use a disinfectant wipe it and had around the sink, thereby remove all dirt containing. When cleaning the sink should try to remove all traces of debris and remains of hairs.

If you want you can also clean the sink, using a sponge or cloth with cleaning powder and rub it over the entire surface of the sink. Finally rinse the entire sink with water. If you see that the sink has mildew stains or rust should prepare a homemade mixture to eliminate them.

Homemade mixture consists of : half a cup of bleach and a half cup of bleach, it must both ingredients mix well, then spread it on the spots and leave it on for about twenty minutes. Finally rinsed with water. If the home fails mixture remove stains, need to sprinkle these stains a little alcohol, I acted leave about five minutes, then rinse with hot water and detergent.

using a sponge or cloth with cleaning powder and rub it over the entire surface of the sink

bathroom should also be cleaned properly to prevent them from being with tartar and opaque

Keys: The keys of the bathroom should also be cleaned properly to prevent them from being with tartar and opaque. The most recommended way to clean the keys, is using a small brush and reach all the edges of said keys. It can also clean with a soft cloth or sponge material so that it will not scratch the surface of the keys.

The keys chrome should be cleaned very carefully, for that you must use half of a fresh lemon, then rub it across the surface of the wash and let it cool for a moment. Finally all the keys flush with water and dry with a clean cloth well.

Odor-less: The toilet is considered the most important bathroom furniture and cleaned daily, both exterior and interior. The inside of the toilet should be cleaned with ammonia or bleach, or also can clean using a homemade mixture.

The house blend is to mix in a tank a cup of vinegar and three tablespoons of salt, then heat the mixture over low heat and then spread evenly throughout the mixture inside the toilet, let sit three minutes and quickly sobe all walls interior with a brush. Finally the key down the toilet and let the water run.

The exterior of the toilet is much easier to clean, just use a cloth and a disinfectant is required. What you should do is soak the cloth in the product, then you pass over the tops, floor and deposit. If the toilet has rust spots, but must pass over them lemon juice and salt are mixed stay perfectly clean toilet.

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