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Ideas to transform a wardrobe: for all types of closet

Do you have a wardrobe and want to give it a new use? In Dreamyapartment Blog we offer some great and creative ideas that you can transform completely the old wardrobe that you no longer use.

Because creativity knows no bounds, in this article we suggest some interesting proposals that are within reach of anyone. From a makeshift desk to a children’s corner. Let’s do it! Transform a Closet!

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A desk area

The proposals that we present below are perfect for all types of wardrobes, large or small. The first of them will be very useful if you have no space at home to create an area of study or work .

In this blog we suggest turning the bottom of your wardrobe in a desk area. In fact, you can take any shelf to use as table and only have to put a comfortable chair.

Storage solution

For those who have space problems and need a place dedicated to order, the bottom of the wardrobe can be an interesting solution space. Using hangers, hooks, shelves and other storage and organization solutions, you get to create a workshop for DIY tools.

But we can also use this space as a makeshift library . In the back of our wardrobe we can save everything we want, thus creating a truly practical extra area storage. If we want a little discretion, we may retain the doors.

An office

Another great idea to completely transform our wardrobe is to make an office . If you work at home, remove the doors and shelves, built for a table. And if you put a discreet and decorative curtain you get a little privacy in this corner.

A baby corner

closet in a home office or guest bedroom, turn it into a sitting area

The space of a cupboard can also become the perfect place to put our baby’s crib or even as changer . The possibilities depend on the characteristics of this space.

But is not the end all, since the space of a wardrobe can be the ideal corner to the little kids need to develop their imagination. You can place a bench with cushions, decorate this space with some nice wallpaper and add stuffed animals, books …

Depending on the space available, we can also put a bed in the back of our wardrobe. If we usually receive visits at home, this idea can be a very interesting option.

Pantry or cellar

Do you like wine? What you seem to turn an old wardrobe in a makeshift cellar ? For gourmets demanding, this space can also be a pantry as practical. Although in this case the transformation process will be more complicated, as you may need to install a refrigerator. It all depends on what you have imagined to do with your wardrobe.

And much more…

Another interesting alternative is to transform an old cupboard in a laundry area . And of course, we can also create a vanity beauty by placing a console with wall mirror, well distributed foci and a comfortable chair.

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You see, the possibilities are many and very different. So we can transform an old cupboard in almost any environment that we have in mind. Of course, everything depends on the space and characteristics.

From a desktop to a children’s corner, a library, a practical workroom or a dressing for most flirtatious. Values ​​which need space at home or what environment you want to have, and then think about what accessories and furniture need to create this unique room. And of course, take into account the budget.

Although if you do not want to spend too much, you can always avail itself elements of furniture such as shelves and drawers. What more ideas occur to you?

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