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Industrial bohemian style decoration

There are many styles of decor and depend on your lifestyle, your personal tastes and your interests you’ll probably go for one or the other. There will always be a few more prevalent than others or are more fashionable decorative styles, but that should not be a factor that will influence your decision when choosing a decorative or other style. The life of every person is a totally different world and for this reason, you should choose that style that best fits you and make you feel good.

Plants also help you find a cozy and warm decor, bring vitality and joy to your stay

There are few times I’ve heard that a house with an industrial style decor a cold or without personality style nothing is further from the truth! A home with an industrial decorating style can be cozy, but if you combine well with other styles can be quite unique, I mean the industrial bohemian style. Want to know a little more?

Furniture and textile colors

The industrial style usually has a grayer and darker shades, however if you combine it with the bohemian decor things change, because they can incorporate all the colors you want and that you like to create a much more cheerful, fun and welcoming atmosphere.

Ideally look for contrast with the colors of the furniture and textiles that make each stay, so be creating a climate much more vitality.


In the industrial style is often decorated with modern furniture and a more industrial style, but when the bohemian is also present things change. You can incorporate a vintage furniture design, antique furniture, but in combination with modern furnishings. Only you find the limit on the type of furniture you want in your home. Also, if you go for some eclectic furnishings you can also give your rooms a more cozy and comfortable.


Of course, plants can not miss in the decorative industry bohemian style. Plants also help you find a cozy and warm decor, bring vitality and joy to your stay. And last but not least, you renew the ambient air to provide a much more pure oxygen.

What do you think of this decorative style to your home decor? Do you feel comfortable enough to feel comfortable with a good sense of warmth inside your home?

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