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Interior decoration with flowers

Sometimes a beautiful centerpiece is enough to make a cheerful and original table, even when it was made with your own hands. It no doubt delight the eyes of your guests throughout the meal. To make a centerpiece in the country style , you will need a third bundle of wheat, one or two scoops of cane, about 50 cm aluminum wire 2 mm in diameter, a few strips of flexible wood, 3 or 4 sunflowers, and, optionally, a small panel of twigs. Added to this list the following tools: wire cutters, scissors, and finally, a hot glue gun specially dedicated to the floral art available in hardware stores. Once you have gathered all the elements needed to make your center table, go to completion.

Interior decoration with flowers

Start by dividing the bundle of wheat 2. Build the then head to tail, making them stand with the aluminum wire. To do this, two or three turns with the wire, right in the middle of boots. Once that is done, do the same with flowers of sunflowers. Use the ends of the wire aluminum surrounding the boots to attach the flowers above the wheat. Then use the rest of yarn to add a small piece of decoration. You simply roll it your way. The next step is to attach the rattan balls right in the center of your flower arrangement . To do this, use strips of flexible wood by passing the ball, according to your desires. You can also use glue to attach the balls. Finishing touches, and there is optional, have the composition of the panel twig. That’s it, your centerpiece is ready!

Flowers: a centerpiece made from spring bulbs

To make a centerpiece original mainly due to spring bulbs, you will need the following elements: spring bulbs to choose according to your tastes, magnolia leaves, willow branches of various sizes, some branches of Cornus, foam ball, and a little natural lichen. Also plan a pruning shears, a container, preferably glass, and finally, riders metal that will primarily serve to fix the bouquets of lichen. All material on hand, do a test first. To do this, place your bulbs in the glass container to try to find the provision that seems most appropriate.

Once done, remove the plastic pots in which they were then rearrange the bulbs in place for you in the glass container. Then insert the foam ball. Then attach the lichen between spring bulbs that you have chosen, using the metal jumpers. In order to provide more aesthetic to your table centerpiece, remember not to over drive them. Apparent, they will be nicer to see. Your centerpiece is now beginning to take shape, it’ll just make a final touch of decoration to brighten up the composition. To do this, cut willow branches and horned into small branches of various heights. Place them between bulbs, as desired. Have finally magnolia leaves and voila!

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